Beyond The Giant




The Beyond the Giant Sail Package includes a full day sail with Sail Superior on 'Froto' (40ft sailing yacht) and a two night all inclusive stay at Beyond the Giant Nature Retreats on Black Bay.

You will sail from Prince Arthur's Landing out to Beyond the Giant Nature Retreats, stopping at Silver Islet General Store for a light lunch before continuing on to Beyond the Giant for a stay in our cozy lakeside log cabins with our Romantic Package. Arrive to a table set with candles, wine and homemade bread. A continental breakfast will be provided in your cabin for the first morning to be eaten at your leisure. For your dinner choose two of our freshly made stone baked, thin crust pizzas. On your next morning, breakfast will include Finnish pancakes, fresh strawberries, syrup and sausages.

While you are arriving by water, your car will be arriving by land and waiting for you at Beyond the Giant Nature Retreats. You can also drive to Beyond the Giant Nature Retreats and sail back to the Thunder Bay Marina, where your car will be delivered.

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