Beyond The Giant
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Sue, Rod, Nemma, and Ian.
July 20/08

Thank you to the Bald Eagle who soared overhead, the constant rhythm and breathing of Lake Superior, the family of Otters who swam by to check us out, the turkey vulture who flew over our canoe, the bear and fox who allowed us a glimpse of them during our walk down the road, the magical field of daisies, clovers, and yarrow, the calls of the baby wood peckers, the spectacular full moon rise, the warmth of the campfire, the fairy sightings and most of all. To Bruce and Brenda for building and sharing this place. We hope to return next year. Farewell to Black Bay, to the Eagle’s Nest, and to mother merganser with her 7 little babies.

Robert Timoon & Elizabeth Philpott Testimonials


Stayed 4 days 3 nights and enjoyed every second of it. You couldn’t possibly find a more tranquil place than The Eagles Nest at Beyond The Giant. The sunrises are in one word, “picturesque’ and the waves on the shore in the evening were very soothing. It’s nice to get away from the city now and then and be secluded from civilization; we even ate like kings. We spent the mornings sipping tea on the decks, the afternoon sight seeing , and the nights in front of the fire place.
We visited the Eagle Canyon Adventures and walked the longest footbridge and hiked a couple of the trails at the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. We saw the Sea Lion formation and the beautiful view from the Thunder Bay Lookout, a must if you are not afraid of heights. We want to thank Bruce and Brenda for being gracious hosts and we will miss this all year until we come back next year.

Thanks for the Memories.

Claudia + Bruce Toronto, ON.

July 21-28, 2009

This has been an absolutely wonderful week. It is so beautiful here that we didn't mind having some cloudy and rainy weather – and when the sun is shining on the water it is spectacular! We cannot believe how quiet it is here not a single “city” sound just the water on the shore, the wind in the trees and the occasional scrambling of a squirrel in the woods.

This is a truly a healing place and it was our good luck to stay here!! Many thanks Bruce + Brenda, we hope to see you soon. PS: If anyone is looking for “extra” things to see, Month MacKay in Thunder has a spectacular view of the sleeping giant and Pie island. Be sure to ask the attendant at the “booth” where the trailhead is for the climb to the top (Its not obvious!).

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